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Residential pet waste removal

Scoop N' Poop isn't the most enjoyable chore to be done around the house. Let's face it - it's gross and it stinks! Let the team at Scoop N' Poop do the dirty work and scoop the poop in your yard. We offer weekly, twice weekly, every other week, and one time pooper scooper services. With dog waste removal being such a crappy chore many people consider just leaving it to decompose in the lawn, but that is a bad decision for several reasons. First of all that many piles in the yard makes it hard to use the yard without stepping in it, then it really stinks! But in addition to the inconvenience of stepping in dog poop, it is also not going to fertilize the yard like cow manure. Dog poop is actually toxic for your grass because it is so acidic and has so much nitrogen it will literally burn the grass causing dead spots of grass in your lawn. If all that is not bad enough there are also viruses and bacterias present in dog poo like roundworms, salmonella, e. coli, giardia, leptospira, parvo virus and coliform bacteria just to name a few. These can be dangerous for other pets and humans and can be transmitted by flies and other animals that come in contact with it.

Residential Pet Waste Removal Service
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Scoop N' Poop

Choose Your Pet Waste Removal Frequency

To get started you choose how often you would like to receive poop scooping services. We highly recommend

We offer the following service frequencies:

  • Weekly Pet Waste Removal Service
  • Twice Weekly Pet Waste Removal Service
  • Every 2 Week Pet Waste Removal Service
  • One-Time Pet Waste Removal Service
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Step 2

Choose Deodorizer Service Frequency

One of our most popular add-on services is our deodorizer service!

With our deodorizer service we spray the entire lawn with a non-toxic pet safe enzyme that neutralizes the odor of dog waste and urine. This service is available each time you have your poop scooping service performed. Although we recommend having this service performed each week, you can choose the frequency that works best for you.

We perform this service at the same time we scoop your yard for dog waste. Once we complete scooping the poop, we will spray down the entire lawn as well as patios, decks, and other hard surfaces.


Choose Sanitization Service Frequency

Sanitization service is all about the safety of your pets and family.

Removing the pet waste and getting rid of the smell with our deodorizing service is the first step to a healthier yard for your pet and family but there are times it is best to sanitize the yard. Our sanitization service neutralizes common viruses and bacteria found in dog waste like parvo virus, e. coli, salmonella just to a name a few.

Our sanitization service is available monthly, every 3 months, twice a year, and as a one time service. If you have more than one dog and especially a new dog or puppy we recommend having this service performed monthly. Also if you have visiting dogs to your home we would also recommend monthly service. If you watched someone's dog at your home for them to go on vacation or for other reasons we would recommend having a one time application performed after the visiting dog is gone.

Pet Waste Sanitization Service
Pooper Scooper On The Way Notifications
Step 4

Get Notifications Before We Arrive

You can choose how you would like to be notified that we are on our way!

We offer on the way notifications via:

  • Phone Call
  • SMS Text Message
  • Email
  • Or any combination

We Arrive In Marked Vehicles And Wearing A Uniform

You will always know when Scoop N' Poop is on your property.

All of our team members drive company marked vehicles and wear uniforms so they can easily be identified when they are on your property.

We typically don't knock on the door once we arrive unless there is an aggressive dog or unattended children in the backyard.

Pooper Scooper Service Area
Dog Poop Removal Service
Step 6

We Perform The Requested Services

Once we arrive at your home, we will perform all the scheduled services for that day.

Our technicians are trained to walk a pattern in your lawn to ensure they cover all of the lawn and pick up every pile your dog left behind. If your dog is in the lawn while we are servicing it we may also give your dog a treat and take a picture with them because we are dog lovers too!


Before We Leave, We Always Shut The Gate!

If you have a gate to your backyard we will take a picture of the shut gate and send it to you after every service.

We know that one of the most stressful parts of having someone go into your backyard when you have a dog is trusting that they shut the gate securely so your dog doesn't get out after they leave.

For that reason we require that our technicians shut the gate and take a picture of the latched gate after every service we perform. That picture is automatically sent to our office and sent to you to give you peace of mind.

We always shut the gate when we leave.


Scoop N' Poop


Scoop N' Poop - Pooper Scooper Services


Scoop N' Poop - Pooper Scooper Services


Scoop N' Poop - Pooper Scooper Services


At Scoop N' Poop we are committed to providing the best customer service. All of our services are backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason, just let us know within 24 hours and we will return promptly to re-perform the service at no additional charge!

Dog Waste Removal Satisfaction Guarantee